Shade Sails

Shade Sail Overview

Shade sails can provide a visually stunning and cost-effective solution to shading issues, but they need to withstand the significant forces of wind and the weight of rain. To ensure this, the sails must:

• Be designed correctly

• Have materials of adequate strength and durability

• Have their components installed correctly

Our shade sails are lovingly designed and fabricated just like a tailor would make a sports jacket for his best customer! We’ve been making sails since 2005 and we know what works and what doesn’t work, we’ve seen which fabrics last and look good for years, and from the experience of having hundreds of customers with hundreds of sails installed in all kinds of locations and through all kinds of weather, we know how to make them last.

Please find below more about our shade sails, or contact us to receive our document “Everything you need to know about Shade Sails”.

Find out everything you need to know about shade sails in our shade sail video.


We design all our shade sails on specialist 3D form-finding computer software which optimises site configuration, sail shape, the shade pattern and fabric considerations to produce designs stable in all weather conditions and tailor-made for their locations.

We make standard-size shade sails and custom-made shade sails.


Shade-only (mesh) fabrics: made from long-lasting, washable and serviceable knitted HDPE (high density polyethylene) to provide up to 94% shade factor, or architectural grade Serge-Ferrari Soltis PVC coated polyester mesh fabric. Manufacturers guarantee these fabrics for up to 10 years against UV-induced deterioration. Ask us about our great colour ranges!

Rain-proof (solid) fabrics: architectural PVC coated polyester from Europe with a range of colours, finish textures, coatings and translucency, or for some applications solution-dyed acrylic fabric (such as Sunbrella).


Here are the fabrics we recommend for the various types of Shade Sails:

Shade OnlyRainproof
Small mainly decorative sails (generally <~25 sq metres)Shade cloth or architectural PVC meshAcrylic or architectural PVC
Normal common-or-garden shade sails for your homeShade ClothArchitectural PVC
Larger sails where the objective is maximum cost-effective shade coverageShade ClothArchitectural PVC
Larger sails where the objective is mostly about close-up visual impactArchitectural PVC meshArchitectural PVC
For shade cloth sails, fabric panels are sewn with Goretex Tenara thread, a spaceage expanded polymer thread guaranteed to last for 15 years. Smaller sails have double-sewn perimeter hems and reinforced corners with stainless steel rings (Type “A”). Our larger sails are built with 316 grade stainless steel perimeter-pocket cables, corner attachments and tensioning attachment fittings (Type “B”). The largest shade cloth sails, and most PVC or acrylic sails, have purpose-made steel or stainless steel corner plates with adjustable perimeter stainless steel cable tensioning (Type “C”).

Type A


Type B


Type C

Standard Size Sails

We manufacture 3 & 4-sided shade sails of standard sizes as shown below:

Architectural PVC (Colours)
Shapes & Sizes

Max panel width 1.8 metres



Architectural PVC (White)
Shapes & Sizes

Max panel width 2.5 metres



HDPE Shade Cloth
Shapes & Sizes

Max panel width 3.0 metres



For further information and advice on available fabrics & colours, fittings & accessories, or bulk orders please contact us

Custom Made Sails

If a standard-size sail won’t work for your shade project simply ask us to design one to fit. Perhaps you think several would work better – we’ll work with your ideas to come up with a stunning solution!

Check out our Design Service for the simple steps to make to get your custom shade sail project happening. With just a minimal amount of information from you we can produce a set of 3D drawings showing you exactly how your sails will look, even where their shade patterns will fall at times and seasons which are important to you. More good news – in most cases your custom-designed sail will be much the same price as a standard-size model.

Read all about shade sails in our document “Everything you need to know about Shade Sails” which we will gladly email to you when you contact us, including how critical is can be to design the sail carefully to allow for fabric stretch during installation and tensioning.

Ask us about attachment and tensioning fittings to include with your new sail.