Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions Overview

If your project requires a unique custom solution, you’re on the right site and the right page!

We design custom solutions in tensioned fabric. Fabric structures, large or small, offer a “new age” solution for cost-effective, lightweight, stylish sun and weather-protection, embracing all of these features:

• Modern

• Stylish

• Lightweight

• Durable

• Airy

• Eye-catching

• Visually exciting!

• Flexible in design scope, limited only by imagination

Why tensioned?

To impart to the fabric a lasting structural form and shape which is resilient to the forces acting upon it – forces from wind and the weight of rainfall water, both substantial. It’s the shape and tension which make these shapes possible and permanent. Un-tensioned fabric is a temporary solution – we demand from our fabrics the ability to take form and keep it – stretch or creep is not part of our world.

What shapes?

Fabric architecture offers more flexibility in shape and form than most other building methods, in many respects the greatest restriction on design is the designer’s imagination and degree of boldness. Look around and see some of the exciting, often almost amazing shapes and styles fabric has been asked to adopt to serve as not only buildings, but testaments to man’s ability to work with materials.

Most architectural fabric structures however, take their basic form from one of three shapes, or combinations of them:

Your choice of solutions to your shade issue could be wide – please look around our site to see if what you have in mind has already been thought of, or ask our Design Service to see if we can come up with something that might work for you. Feel free – it’s what we do.



Barrel Vault

Large Structures

Fabric structures can be designed to cover large areas. Our design team can help you decide if such a solution is appropriate for your project, and our experienced Australian consultant structural engineer will ensure that the design meets and exceeds the expected conditions of your site.

Below are the main types of large fabric structures. Check our Gallery to see real examples of our projects, then use our Design Service to investigate the possibilities for your project, or just contact us for our advice.

Large Structure Types

Un-framed conical structures

Framed conical structures

Barrel vaults – Conventional

Barrel vaults – Free-form

Barrel-vaults – As walkways

Barrel vault – Suspended cantilevers

Poly-edge free-form structures

Large sail structures


Tensioned fabric walkways create modern architectural statements. We can design any style using a range of beautiful fabrics and metal or timber frame components.

Like most of our products they can be supplied and shipped in “knock-down” format for ease of installation.

Use our Design Service to investigate the possibilities for your project.

Walkway Types

Conventional walkway

Cantilevered walkway

Shaped barrel vault walkway

Poly-edge walkway

Facades & Screens

Our “building wrap” tensioned mesh fabric opens a whole world of possibilities for:

• Renovating buildings

• Temporary screening (with a message)

• Permanent iconic and eye-catching visual statements

• Hiding “the ugly truth”

• Turning unused building areas into marketing assets

• Printed ceilings

• Privacy screens

Come to us with your particular challenge. We can use your own high definition artwork or offer original designs tailored to your needs, including “false” 3D imagery.

Fabrics are long-lasting (with long warranties) purpose-made architectural grade solid or mesh PVC/polyester. Mesh fabrics allow selective see-through features (cover your windows and continue to enjoy the view from inside while offering a continuous printed or plain fabric face to the outside world).


We make modular and shippable car park structures to suit whatever your requirements are. High, long, cantilevered, shade only, rainproof ….  contact our design team and explore the possibilities!

Carpark Types

Cantilevered car park – one car

Cantilevered car park – 2 or more cars

Watch our video about our Monsoon umbrella car park shade structure


We design and manufacture tents for resorts, holiday homes and other custom uses. Each one is different, each one is made using the well-tried and proven principles of tensioning fabric and engineering we apply in all our tensioned fabric products.

Work with us to make your tent project a reality.



Custom resort tent

Barefoot Sala