Our roller blinds use materials and components tested over many years with proven performance and durability. Corrosion-proof components, the best quality washable fabrics, and most importantly, attachment brackets and stainless steel tensioned side cables which actually do their job. Motorized or manual operation; all cut to exact size ready for shipping and installation. And we can print blinds with high resolution ink-jet UV-cured imagery.

Vertical Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds are made from best quality European design and materials, and assembled to size here at our Phuket factory with best quality breathable and see-thru (but 90%+ rain-proof) UV-treated PVC-coated polyester fabric, robust and non-corroding side cables and attachment fittings.

“We know the tropics, we know blinds. We know what works, and why. Ask Us to email you our detailed information document ”Vertical Shades”.

Whether your need is to cover your open area from the sun, wind, or rain, our European-designed vertical shades give you the protection you need, with style.

Why wouldn’t you insist on the most durable and versatile vertical awning systems in the market, upgraded to our award-winning standards right here in Phuket, Thailand.

• Heavy duty extruded aluminum barrels and brackets

• Highest quality extruded aluminum top shaft, and corrosion-proof drive system

• Marine grade (316) stainless steel side cables & professionally roll-swaged end terminals (not crimped collars)

• Side cables selected on their ability to withstand the loads, not fail, not corrode

• Corrosion-proof stainless steel bottom bar

• State-of-the art outdoor fabrics, including PVC-coated polyester mesh which lets the air and view IN but the wind and rain OUT (and looks full of class)

• Manual or motorized operating systems

• Wind and sun operating sensors available (for motorized versions)

• Multi-channel remote control (so you can operate all or some together) or wall switch operation (for motorized versions)

• Shades renown design advice and back-up service

• We can print most blind fabrics in-house with the very latest high-resolution UV-cured ink jet printing for commercial or decorative applications. Just ask us.

Why Shades Asia’s “vertical shades” perform so well compared to others:
Vertical ShadesOthers
DesignSwedish designed system & components.Mostly Chinese copies.
ManufactureOperating components made in Sweden from best quality non-corroding materials.Mostly China.
FabricWe recommend for most applications best quality PVC-coated polyester high-strength 95% outdoor mesh fabric (easily washable with a brush and water); also available Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic, or UV-resistant clear PVC.There are many fabrics offered, and many degrees of quality. The best way to market low-priced blinds is by using low-cost fabric.
Fabric JoinsIf required, we use high frequency welding on PVC fabrics.Often stitched with non-UV resistant threads.
Attachment bracketsCorrosion-proof aluminium; 316 grade stainless steel available on request.You need to check, especially with regard to corrosion resistance.
Attachment anchorsWe use or supply chemical or mechanical anchors as appropriate; bolts are marine grade stainless steel; polished stainless collars are used to ensure “good looks”.Again, you need to check this. The full force of wind-on-blind is transferred to the side cable anchors. These need to be strong and durable, as well as attractive.
Side running cablesIn most applications, 1×19 strand 6 mm diameter 316 grade stainless steel (breaking strain ~3,000 kg).Generally 3 or 4 mm 304 (or 316) grade 7×19 strand stainless steel cable (breaking strain ~1,000 kg) multi-stand cable is more prone to fraying, failure and corrosion
Side cable terminal fittings316 grade stainless steel roll-swaged forks and tensioning fittings “squeezed” onto the cable ends with a 40 tonne roll swaging machine to form a never-fail terminal capable of adjustment to maintain the cables’ correct tension.Mostly cables are bent over and crimped with a hand tool or clamped with bolt-style cable clamps to form a loop for (usually non-adjustable) cable-end fittings. For this method only thin flexible 7×19 cable can be used.
Vertical Shades tropical strength roller blinds use French-made SOMFY electric motors & control systems

We are an authorized Somfy “Expert Dealer”

We think it is important that you be aware of two critical points about roller blinds:

1. Side cables must be good quality, strong, adjustable, non-corroding, and secured properly at each end to their attachment fittings and  to the ground. We use the best fittings available: 1×19 strand marine grade stainless steel, high-pressure roll-swaged end fittings,  secure chemical or mechanical ground anchor bolts & fittings.

2. Roller blinds are not walls! They require proper management. In extreme winds, they should be rolled up out of harm’s way. Large  blinds, in high winds, are subjected to forces >1 tonne! For those rare events much better a wet floor than an impossibly damaged  roller blind, or worse.


Shades vertical roller blinds: manual or motorized operation.

Take a look at a video of our vertical roller blinds in action!