What is an Awning?

An awning is an architectural projection which provides weather & sun protection, and/or identity & decoration, which is wholly supported by the building to which it is attached. Awnings may be fixed or retractable. A canopy is an awning which as well as being attached to its host building, relies also on some form of support away from it.

What type of awning does your project need?


Retractable Awnings

We stock and assemble to custom sizes European-made retractable awnings in sizes up to 6 metres x 3.0 metres. We fit quality Sunbrella acrylic fabric and French-made Somfy motors & controllers. Manual operation is also available.

Fixed Awning

Curved Leading Edges – No Intermediate Rafters

Fabric is attached to the building and tensioned outwards to the two end supports; this style is applicable only where supports can be made sufficiently sturdy to resist the tension on the fabric (by struts, stays or by using materials of sufficient dimension & rigidity).

Fixed Awning

Curved Leading Edges – Curved Rafters

The fabric is attached to the back of the rafter and tensioned towards the outer & upper ends of the curved rafters; leading edges are curved and contain stainless steel cables to assist with tensioning; awnings can be any length and can extend outwards to a maximum of ~3 metres.

Fixed Awning

Curved Leading Edges – Straight Rafter

As for curved rafter awnings but rafters are straight and can be configured with fabric either above or below the rafters; fabric generally does not touch rafters.

Fixed Awning

Straight Leading Edges

Fabric is attached to the top of its steel frame and tensioned using purpose-made aluminium tensioning profile; these awnings can be up to 2.5 metres wide and any length.


There are many styles of canopy – some take support from purpose-installed columns, others are attached to other structures away from the host building, like walls, fences, other buildings or even trees. Use our Design Service to assist with your canopy project.

Which is the most suitable fabric for my awning?
Fabric Type:Total ShadePartial ShadeRainproofUV ResistantFade ResistantRange of Colours
Architectural PVCtable-ticktable-ticktable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Solution-dyed acrylic (eg. Sunbrella)table-ticktable-ticktable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
PVC-coated meshtable-ticktable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
HDPE shade clothtable-ticktable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Custom & Standard Design Awnings

We make & supply standard-design & sized retractable and fixed awnings which we can ship to you ready for installation (DIY or tradesman). Contact Us for all the information you need on the type of awning you think will suit your needs.

We can also design, fabricate and ship an awning designed specifically to suit your requirements and fit your site. Refer to our Design Service and let’s get started!