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Parasol Blanc Laos boxed

Knock-down Tensioned Fabric Structures From Shades Asia

Many of our products, even custom designed ones, are made in knock-down form so we can pack and ship them for installation anywhere at all.
This one, a free-standing conical structure, we sent to a resort in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Parasol Blanc Laos Sketch to product

54 square metre tensioned fabric structure built in “knock-down” style for ease of shipping and installation.

All components bolt together, and they always fit – because they have already been lovingly “pre-installed” at our Phuket factory.

Parasol Blanc Laos render product

Hardwood columns with roofing frame and column fittings; Serge Ferrari Precontraint architectural PVC fabric.

The second-last job we do is to pack everything carefully into sturdy steel-framed plywood shipping crates.

Steel-plywood packing crates ensure that our beautifully finished products arrive at their installation site in pristine condition.

Parasol Blanc Laos we-ship-anywhere

The packed structure leaves our factory, bound for Laos.

We ship anywhere!

And this is how it will look when installed in Laos.

Parasol Blanc Laos after installation