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Facelift Using Tensile Fabric

Our work at Shades Asia is full of challenges!

Take this one for example, located at a developing resort in Phuket and on the property, in all its glory, stood this existing building.

existing building

Our client asked if we could turn this space into an outdoor yoga facility, which we answered with: “Of course!”, and later on, on the journey home it hit us: “OMG, what have we done?”.

We only had 12 days to complete this project just in time for the Greand Opening which meant that our Shades Design Team was under a lot of pressure, all you could hear was: “Here’s the plan: get rid of this, replace that, restore this….”

Then everyone is off to work. First in the Design Room.

Then on site.

And the result? See for yourself!

Completed in 12 days as promised and just in time for the opening!


Before & After