Design Service

Custom designed shade products from Shades Asia

Shades designs and ships shade products all over Asia and beyond – product which is designed to suit specific locations and solve specific issues for their owners.

This is what we need to design your custom shade product:

1. Site Plan To start with, a very simple plan showing the existing size and layout of the location where you require our product.

• Show the distance between the existing structures (house, walls,  trees, posts, etc)

• Measure some diagonals as well

• Heights of important features from a base (the ground if it’s flat, or  floor, etc)

• Any building plans & elevations are perfect (images or CAD files)


2. Photos

Some photographs showing the general area and the specific areas/structures which you think will help our designers understand the area and any potential issues.

3. Location & Aspect

Include the direction of north on your plan, and your location, and we can produce shade patterns of the designed sail or awning (you can even tell us which times of the day or year are critical for you to have shade at which location).

4. General Conditions

Slopes, pavement or ground conditions (eg. pavement thickness, rocky ground, high wind exposure, etc).

5. Examples

If you see anything on our web site which you think is close to what you have in mind just tell us the reference number.

6. Your Objectives

This is important – for us to design the sail or awning you want we need to know what it is you are trying to achieve by installing it (shade, rain protection, visual improvement to the location, privacy/concealment issues, etc).


Here’s how it works
1. Send us site details
As detailed above
2. Concept design
We will draw and send you one or more conceptual designs
3. Design concept approval
Provide comment on the initial design to allow us to make any adjustments you think would help improve it.

4. Final design & quotation
We send you final design drawings and our quotation to manufacture and ship the product.

5. Supporting structures
We can provide workshop drawings for required structural components of the design (columns, footings, back stays, attachment fittings etc), if you would prefer to have them fabricated locally.

6. Attachment & tensioning rigging and fittings
We can provide 316 grade stainless steel cables (pre-cut and fitted with terminal fittings if required), fittings to attach fabric sail/awning to its attachment points, tensioning fittings, etc, which are shipped with the fabric.

7. Installation instructions
We provide full instructions to install the product as required. We also include in the package free access via ‘phone or email for any further assistance or advice.

Our Design Team is here to help – contact us and let’s investigate the possibilities!