Month: September 2018

Un-framed patio canopies

Un-framed tensile fabric patio fabric roofing – these canopy structures use no solid roof supports, but rely purely on tension to support specialist architectural fabric. Tension can be applied to columns which can be made sufficiently robust with back-stays, solid braces back to the building, or appropriately-sized free-standing columns. Ask our design team to provide […]

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Shades awnings

Here’s our range of standard design window/patio/walkway awnings. Any of these can be custom-built to suit and fit your particular shade/rain requirement. All use absolute best quality fabric and frame materials. We ship anywhere.

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Framed patio canopies

Framed tensile fabric patio canopies – one of our favourite products. Why? Because every time we build one for a client they are absolutely delighted with their new living space! We can provide kit-form standard sizes for shipping, or custom designs specially made for your patio. Light, airy, cool and versatile living spaces. European architectural […]

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