Month: April 2016

How We Make Footings For Shade Structures

Structurally sound shade structures often rely on well-designed and constructed footings to ensure the supporting columns and rigging are properly and permanently anchored to Mother Earth, and remain that way forever. First, as always, comes proper design. The forces expected to act on each component of the structure are carefully calculated, an appropriate margin for […]

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phuket villa

The Phuket Sunset Sala: 5 Years & Still Looking Great

In April 2011 we installed a version of Shades Asia’s Phuket Sunset Salas on the pool deck of a beautiful Phuket villa. Several years later new owners asked us to relocate the structure to another patio, and to repaint the frame, changing its colour from grey to white. We recently returned to this villa to […]

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pool house to cool house

From Pool House to Cool House

Our client is renovating his pool house. The relentless tropical sun beat all day on the north-facing windows of the pool house building and rendered the poolside patio unusable for most times of the afternoon. Existing thick outside curtains kept the sun from half the building, but were somewhat less than a visual attraction. The design we presented […]

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Destination Maldives: Fabric Roof Canopies

One of our colleague/agent companies in the Indian Ocean was asked to provide fabric roof canopies for several beautiful timber structures recently installed on one of the Maldives stunning island resorts, and he in turn asked us to design and fabricate them. Sadly for us we received the required measurements by email – for this job we would […]

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